Winner – Northwest Region

Royal Credit Union Downtown Branch

Location: Eau Claire
Owner: Royal Credit Union
Concrete Supplier: American Materials
Architect: River Valley Architects, Inc.
Advanced Engineering Concepts
Contractor: Market & Johnson

Market & Johnson, a general contractor that self performs concrete, built a new branch in downtown Eau Claire for Royal Credit Union in 2022.

The civil construction plans called for a 3-inch asphalt parking lot on an 8-inch of base course, however, the owners requested that the parking lot be paved in concrete.

The contractor used their experience and concrete design knowledge to recommend a 5-inch thick slab on a 6-inch base course subgrade, with ½ inch fiberglass rebar at 36 inches each way on center.

The mix design was a 4000-psi mix with 6% air entraining, using ¾ inch limestone aggregates, and integral water repellant.  They also added black integral color to different sections of the slab that give it a more elegant look.   A total of 542 cubic yards of concrete was placed.