Winner – Parking Lot

Kwik Trip Somers

Location: Somers
Owner: Kwik Trip
Concrete Supplier: Point Ready Mix
Architect: Vantage Architects
Engineer: raSmith
General Contractor: Peter Schwabe, Inc.
Contractor: Swederski Concrete Construction

Wisconsin’s largest Kwik Trip facility was awarded to a parking lot contractor for their knowledge, quality, resources, and ability to quickly place large pavements efficiently.

This 569,000 square foot pavement project presented difficult and unique challenges, not just by placing concrete, but more so by educating all parties with alternative concrete pavement designs and practices.

During construction, drawing revisions were distributed, adding costly deformed reinforcing, and unnecessary construction joints.

The contractor presented a revised schedule and price impact per new designs and stood firm on the recommendation to accept an alternate, timesaving, and economically sustainable design.

9 different mixes were used  for the project between September 2021 and June 2022. Fly ash was used to reduce the carbon footprint.  A total of about 12,000 cubic yards were placed.

Construction team members collaborated to construct a sustainable parking lot which saved Kwik Trip upwards of $1 million, a reduced schedule, and safety hazards.  Kwik Trip took occupancy one month after the last concrete delivery.