Winner – Tilt Up

Advanced Concrete New Office/Shop

Location: Waunakee
Owner/Concrete Supplier: Advanced Concrete, Inc.
Architect: Morph Designs, LLC
Engineer: Bandt Engineering Corp
Contractor: Rosenbaum Crushing & Excavating

The project was not able to be poured on site due to the timing of construction.  The panels were poured indoors on tilt up tables during the brisk winter months.

They were then carefully lifted with overhead cranes and strategically stacked on end until transported to the jobsite.  Once onsite, they were erected with a crane and carefully welded to the foundation wall and each other.

The panels are 20-feet tall with a weight of over 15,000 lbs and are extremely energy efficient.  They are 10 inches thick with 2 inches of extruded foam in the middle.  5 inches of structural concrete is on the inside, and 3 inches of white concrete is on the outside.

The outside was poured with white Portland cement to give the building the desired look.  Certain sections of the panels were sandblasted at different depths to accent the white in the panels.

There are roughly 140 cubic yards in these panels, with about 40 of those having white cement.  The concrete was a straight 5000 psi mix.