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Tomorrow River Military Memorial

Location: Amherst
Village of Amherst
Creator: VFW Post 11346
Concrete Supplier: County Ready Mix Corporation
Landscape Architect: Alchemy Concrete Inc.

Lynn Thompson, retired electrician and US Navy Veteran, dreamed of creating a military memorial and asked if concrete could help him realize that dream. Alchemy transformed his dream into a plan, created visual materials for fundraising, and implemented the plan into the reality of the Tomorrow River Military Memorial.

Site realities, including a high-water table and remnants of past deposit practices, required specific engineering responses. Finesse was required for internal surface drainage that accommodated the central US Flag, 6 US Military Service Flags, 5 storyboard panels, and an entrance podium.

Building a site aesthetic that honored the US Military, created an identifiable entry, acknowledged the six US Military Services, and reinforced the notion of the United States of America was accomplished through the colors and textures of concrete, with the star as the primary feature.

Ready-mix concrete represented 90% of the project that started in June 2022 and finished in August.  The basic nature and decorative opportunities of concrete provided the ability to overcome site challenges, create a visual space, and realize the dream of Lynn Thompson.