Winner – Industrial

United Cooperative Feed Mill

Location: Waupun
Owner: United Cooperative
Concrete Supplier: Carew Concrete & Supply Co., Inc.
Architect/Engineer: VAA, LLC
Contractor: Todd & Sargent

Construction began in August 2022, with a large mat foundation. The base was poured in 9 ½ hours using 725 cubic yards.  It was placed at 90-100 yards an hour. The foundation gave the contractor an area to work on to build the slip forms.

The silo pour started on October 3rd at 7:30am and went around the clock for 9 days. The pour rate was about 23 yards an hour so the concrete could setup in the form and keep moving the whole platform up.

The silo is 54 feet wide, 64 feet long and 196 feet tall.  The mix was a straight 6 bag plus mid-range. The bottom half of the silo used 2% Xypex to waterproof it.

The night and weekend pours took a lot of planning, including staging bulkers from other locations at the plant. 2-3 trucks were used around the clock for the pour.  The project consisted of 3,471 cubic yards.  The silo is impressive and can be seen from far away. It will serve the farming community for many years to come.