Winner – Concrete Overlay


Location: Franklin
Owner: Lubrizol
Concrete Supplier: Schmitz Ready Mix
Contractor: Milis Flatwork

Lubrizol was looking for options to upgrade the parking area at their location in Franklin, WI. The existing asphalt surface had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer viable to just crack fill and seal coat.

They quickly made the decision to overlay with concrete rather than tear out and redo the asphalt. An overlay makes it possible to create a new slab without major excavation and grading.

The only prep work was redoing the islands with slip formed concrete curb and gutter. The 4-inch-thick concrete overlay was completed in just 2 weeks from start to finish. 1,800 cubic yards of 4500 psi concrete was used to complete the 146,000 square foot parking lot.

The 6 ¼ bag concrete mix included type IL cement, Class C fly ash, ¾ inch stone, air entrainment and midrange water reducer to maintain the specified .45 water/cement ratio.  The finished product gave the owner an aesthetically pleasing, safer, and lighter area for their employees and clients to park.